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When the weather changes rapidly, or your home is facing extremes in temperature or conditions, you want to know that you and your home are protected. Having the right insulation in your space is the best way to protect yourself, your family, or your other spaces from the elements.

There are a few insulation options that are more common, and ensuring you choose the right one is vital to the proper insulation of your space. Spray foam insulation has become a very popular variety of insulation. It has many benefits over the other, more traditional types, such as roll insulation or loose material. Cellulose and fiberglass are the two most used types, with the option of mineral or reflective insulation. However, it is important to remember that these two are best for distinct situations.

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Cellulose insulation has a tendency to settle, and this won’t keep your space protected because there will be gaps in the insulation. This can cause damage or even expose your space to extreme weather elements, creating a dangerous situation. Reflective insulation can be a great option, but it really is only effective for very specific situations. Mineral and fiberglass insulation can be incredibly harmful to a person’s health, so if it’s not installed properly by professionals, many injuries may result.

Spray foam insulation is an excellent choice for commercial and residential spaces alike. It comes in a liquid form that becomes a solid when applied to walls. It can attach to any kind of material and easily fills in spaces, no matter the shape.

Spray Foam Insulation Experts

Here at Spray Foam Texas, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality product and the best in customer service. You need to know that not only will your space or building be protected with the best materials, but you will also be working with a trustworthy company that can be counted on to do the work. Our experts can assess the space you need insulated and help you decide on open or closed-cell insulation for your space.

Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Insulation

Open-cell insulation has the advantage of being able to swell to fit any kind of space. Once this kind of spray foam is applied, it can expand to an almost three-inch thickness. This property helps to boost the R-value for this kind of insulation.

Closed-cell insulation is less flexible than open-cell insulation. Because of this, it actually works to offer more structure and support to the spaces it’s used in. This kind of insulation is ideal for protecting against debris, dirt, water, and other substances. Closed-cell insulation is best for outer ceilings as well as walls. These areas need the most protection from the elements; closed-cell insulation can provide that.

Residential and Commercial Services

For every renovation or building project, using the proper variety of insulation materials is vital to the success of the job. No matter the space, whether basement, wall, crawl space or attic, spray foam insulation is an exceptional option for protection. Your space will gain the benefits of spray foam insulation, such as the soundproofing qualities of open-cell insulation or structural support from closed-cell insulation.

Whether you’re building a structure from scratch, erecting your perfect home, or working on a renovation project, Spray Foam Texas can be your trusted insulation provider for every need. Best of all, we can help you choose the correct insulation for your space, ensuring you get the best insulation option.

Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

There are several reasons why spray foam insulation is the best choice in modern insulation:

  • Long lasting – More traditional types of insulation will settle, making them less effective over time as they let the elements in. Spray foam insulation is administered directly to surfaces, making it a much more stable option with a greater lifespan.
  • Reduced energy costs – Spray foam insulation is more effective and efficient than other kinds of insulation. Since this is the case, you can count on your energy costs to be reduced due to the capabilities of spray foam insulation.
  • Less harmful – Other types of traditional insulation can be dangerous to install. Spray foam insulation takes the danger away from your space and is safer for professionals to use.

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