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Ensuring your home or business is guarded against the elements is essential when you are building or renovating. Proper insulation is the best way to make sure your space is functional and protected.

Insulation comes in many forms and can be used in a variety of spaces. Your insulation needs will often determine what material your insulation is made of and how it is installed. Most types of insulation come in rolls or loose material that can be installed in walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces. Cellulose and fiberglass are two of the most common types of insulation and have been used for decades. Mineral and reflective insulation are other options, but they are better suited to specific climates and settings.

While these various types of insulation are effective and can be used in any number of spaces, they also come with risks. Cellulose insulation settles over time, which leads to increased airflow and higher energy costs in your home. Fiberglass and mineral insulation can be very dangerous and unhealthy if you inhale them, so they must be installed by a professional to ensure the proper level of safety. Reflective insulation does not pose the same risks as fiberglass and mineral varieties, but it is only suited for certain climates and will not be as effective universally.

Spray foam insulation is another type that can be used in your home or business space, and it is the most ideal option. It begins as a liquid, and it expands to fit the exact measurements and specifications of any space. It can also be used with any type of building material, from cement to wood. Spray foam insulation can be personalized for your needs, will keep out the elements, and can help save you money. The experts at Spray Foam Texas will provide you with excellent service and reliable products for all of your spray foam needs.

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Texas’ Spray Foam Insulation Experts

When you choose spray foam insulation to protect your space, it is important to have the best people to install it. The experts at Spray Foam Texas are familiar with the industry and the best products to meet your requirements. Whether you need open cell or closed cell spray foam insulation in your home or your business, our team will walk you through every option to find the best choice for you.

Open cell insulation is made up of cells that are deliberately left open. This causes the insulation to take up more space, expanding almost three inches once it is applied to walls and ceilings, which increases its R-value. Open cell insulation will likely be your best option if you have a space with an unusual shape because it tends to be softer and has more flexibility. It is also a great choice if you need to create additional soundproofing between rooms.

While open cell insulation is flexible and soft, closed cell insulation tends to be much more rigid. The cells of this insulation are entirely closed, which also provides an additional level of stability. Though it does not expand as much as open cell spray foam insulation, it still creates a strong barrier to keep dust, debris, water, and other elements from getting into your space. Closed cell insulation is most often used on outer walls and ceilings to offer the necessary protection from the elements throughout the seasons.

Residential and Commercial Spray Foam Services

Insulation is a crucial part of building and renovation, no matter the space you are in. Spray foam insulation is ideal for attics, walls, ceilings, basements, and crawl spaces. If you are opening a new business and want to block out any potential noise pollution from your neighboring stores, you can add open cell insulation to your walls for a layer of soundproofing. Adding closed cell insulation to the outer walls and ceilings of an older home you are renovating is a great way to reinforce the strength of the structure while also protecting your space from water and debris.

Spray Foam Texas is here for all of your spray foam insulation needs whether you are building a new home, completing a renovation, or opening a new business. Spray foam insulation is a great option for any space, and you should trust the experts to ensure you find the insulation that best fits your needs. It can be difficult to know what product to choose during any type of building or renovation project because there are so many options on the market.

Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing spray foam insulation over other insulation varieties. Some of the biggest advantages are:

  • Creates an airtight seal. Spray foam insulation is the only insulating material that begins as a liquid and expands into a solid once it is applied. This means it fills every crack and oddly shaped space. When the insulation is applied directly to the building material rather than simply on top of it, the seal is much more air impermeable. This also prevents any moisture or debris from getting into your space while also ensuring the temperature in your space stays comfortable.
  • Helps lower energy costs. The airtight seal of spray foam insulation completely protects your space from the elements and helps to regulate the temperature. Your heating and air systems will not have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your space, which can cut down your energy costs over time and save you money.
  • Provides longevity. More traditional forms of insulation material tend to settle over time and create pockets of air or empty spaces where your insulation is supposed to be. These empty spaces allow air to flow through the space, which could drive up your energy costs. Spray foam insulation is applied directly onto the building material, so it doesn’t settle. It can last for years and provide consistent protection the entire time.

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